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Depending on your needs, we provide you with remote software development teams or, if you prefer to stay away from operational burdens, we develop a full-cycle custom software solution for you.

Building hand-picked teams from top software engineers and experienced technical and operational support, we make sure that the set up fits your needs and budget, whether you are looking into building an advanced communication platform with screen sharing and chat functions or creating an MVP product to show to your investors.

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The whole scope of software outsourcing services

Full-cycle communication software solutions

Web & Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps


IoT (Internet of things)

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

ML (Machine learning)

NLP (Natural language processing)

BI & Analytics

Searching for a smooth way to connect with your customers and users? Creating a new way for people to communicate digitally with each other? Or are you helping machines and humans come closer through an effective interaction solution?

If you’re in search of a trusted solution provider who could think vertically, design strategically, develop responsively, and deliver timely, we invite you to connect with us and let us turn your vision into reality.

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Choose the best cooperation model for your needs

Establish, optimise and scale your business with our IT outsourcing cooperation models

Are you a control freak or a free spirit? Do you enjoy crunching numbers, brainstorm with teams or just prefer things to be done? Do you have a budget and a big dream, or maybe only one of those? There are certainly several ways to achieve your goal, let’s pick the one that suits your needs best.

  • Custom software solutions
  • Equity based software development
  • Remote software development teams

Custom software solution

You envision. We create.

We provide extensive services that cover the whole product life cycle. From the idea and design stage through implementation and deployment to the live environment, analytics and future iterations. And you? You can now focus on the fun parts of your business.

Daniel Diegelmann, CEO Togee
The app that allows you to share your mobile screen and audio whilst texting, doodling and video calling – simultaneously!

Equity based Software Engineering

Let’s share risks and benefits.

Ready to challenge Elon Musk but running short on budget? Let’s get your idea off the ground and into the market with our equity based cooperation model. Join our startups and reach to thousands of hundreds users all over the world.

Two pots screens are better than one!

Remote software development teams

Outsource smart

Extend your in-house capabilities with a dedicated development team that integrates seamlessly into your business. You get full control over how you want to manage and grow your talent hub, except you don’t have to worry about recruitment, administrative support, and the related expenses.

Trusted by industry innovators
Trusted by industry innovators
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Our primary expertise industries

Our clients bring their projects to life within the top 5 fastest growing industries and technologies of 2020s: healthcare apps, finance and payment software, e-learning platforms, IoT applications and IoT devices, and live shopping experience applications.

Does your product not fit in any of the categories? No worries, trends are evolving and so do we. Drop us a line and let’s create a digital revolution in your field of expertise together!

Are we a good match?

Our primary expertise industries

While we love challenging ourselves, pushing out the boundaries, and thinking out-of-the-box to transform complex ideas into simplified products, our technical development strengths substantiate our claim.

If you’re in search of a trusted solution provider who could think vertically, design strategically, develop responsively, and deliver timely, we invite you to connect with us and let us turn your vision into reality

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