3 Ways to Give Technology Startup CTOs the support and coaching they need

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We are living in the era of serial entrepreneurship and where technology startups has undoubtedly taken over the tech industry. When innovative ideas are taking place in new companies, they are slowly and gradually progressing into success stories. However, in the midst of this all, we forget the struggle that comes along with starting a new company — especially one being an inexperienced CTO.

These technology startup CTOs are often talented programmers that took a step further in their career and decided to start a venture of their own. As great as it sounds, they often end up taking multiple roles and duties to keep the ball rolling in the early stages of the technology startup.

A CTO is responsible for team building to developing the processes and structure required to ensure healthy code deployment, refining the software development services they provide.

In addition to that  a CTO also shoulders the responsibility to translate the company’s vision and goals in an effective manner to the potential investors, customers, partners, and various other channels of gains.

Lack of Experience Not Skills

Clearly a CTO has a lot on their plate, but one of the biggest roadblocks that they often
face is the lack of support. Bare in mind this particular position doesn’t come with a manual, and startup CTOs require guidance to maneuver their way into the industry. With no help readily available, they are often confused as to who to approach and what to ask in order to scale the company to its highest potential.

As we know that technology startups are scaling at a rapid pace and face many hurdles, uncertainties, and roadblocks that experienced or learned leaders could tackle. There is little to no room for inexperience or cluelessness from CTOs part, which could end up being expensive.

When to make the right calls, when to hire more qualified resources (particularly coders), and when to make the tough shots – a CTO needs to be able to do it all. Which isn’t complicated for a new CTO, provided he has the right support and guidance. This is why the consultants and outside advisory resources play an important role in the startup industry; the veterans and the gurus.

For CTOs to ask for help and second opinions should be normalized and not made a scale on which their incompetency is measured.

This is why we have compiled a 3-point list that provides a roadmap of the support that can
be extended to startup CTOs.

1: Bringing Experienced Individuals Together

Technology startups in their earliest stages do not have experienced personnel on board to give the CTOs with the advice and directions they need. This is why there should be sessions or roundtables comprising of industry veterans, executives, and seasoned CTOs to provide answers to all the concerns of the CTOs. This is a great way to exchange knowledge and experience along with strategies that can be implemented to improve the startup’s processes even further.

These sessions or workshops should be held regularly and more so, having the CTOs attend on a regular basis in order to keep getting the helping hand they need to resolve the plethora of issues they encounter as the company expands and grows.

2: CTOs Should Stay Updated

Startup CTOs have a close relationship with coding and product development as it comes with the title and job responsibility. This is why to keep themselves, their team, and the company on top of its game they need to keep themselves updated on the changing trends within the industry.

There is a lot going on in order to keep CTOs on their feet. The software and IT industry as a whole is a rapidly progressing landscape brimming with business opportunities. For a CTO it is a necessary task to attend conventions and make it a habit to read on current researches or trends that are materializing. This way, they can then pass on the valuable knowledge and information to company leaders and teams in a bid to keep the company from falling behind.

Any software firm or a custom software development company understands that their industry is one of the most rapidly progressing markets. The technological landscape especially that pertaining to software development, is evolving continuously. This is why CTOs need to stay on the lookout for any new potential trends that their startup can benefit from.

3: Enroll in Training Courses

Companies that invest in the training and coaching of their CTOs see a positive change within their managing and leadership skills. Studies also show that companies rely on these coaching services to hone their executives’ abilities and skillsets. These courses elevate confidence, sharpens their abilities in many significant areas including their interpersonal development and management skills. CTOs need to be equipped with the wisdom and knowledge to handle projects and teams during trying times. 

Technology startups are a lot of work and CTOs that are embracing such resources available at their disposal are gearing themselves for effective leadership. 

If there is an example of a successful startup to quote, then Norgic AB takes the front seat. Norgic is a technology startup services provider that has gone through the same route of investing in their executives and providing them with the necessary training. Today they have capable leaders that have driven several successful projects within the areas of mobile app development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and much more.


The self-imposed barriers of displaying incompetency if a startup CTO asks for a helping hand needs to be eliminated. Excellent mentorship and one-on-one sessions with the veterans of the industry can bring out great leaders of change and carry the new and formed company to success. 

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