5 Mistakes Enterprises Make Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

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COVID-19 is by far the most spoken word in the world today, with major impacts on
international and domestic businesses across the globe. 

Via rapid responses to this virus, the IT industry has taken a smart move. Working remotely has proven to be a prompt and efficient move for the survival of businesses. If this epidemic stipulates for a few more months, it is critical to determine necessary measures and organize well for now and for the future.

The total number of smartphone users across the globe are currently 3.5 billion, which means 45.04% of the global population possesses a smartphone. This increasing demand developed a tremendous competition for enterprises with mobile apps to survive and evolve to the next level. Most of these enterprises follow the standard approach to outsourcing mobile apps development because it requires professional expertise and the demand of current time as well. If the resources are carefully chosen for outsourcing, then the outcomes are incredible with minimized time and expense risk.

Let’s have a look at the mistakes enterprises make when outsourcing mobile application development.

Quality Over Cost

Keep in mind in this competitive environment that there are multiple developers on the marketplace eager to develop applications at a low rate. Yet only developers who’ve just joined the marketplace and are out of work are able to accept lower rates. Most businesses do not recognize that it could end horrendously.

Cost is among the most important aspects when it comes to hiring app developers, particularly for small businesses and start-ups. While hiring mobile app developers who really are useful, you must never oblige the mistake of valuing price over expertise. 

If you find a successful outsourcing company like Norgic, then we recommend you wouldn’t waste more time negotiating about the expense of mobile application development.

Terrible Communication Skills

Effective communication’ is another key factor in the development of mobile applications.
Difficulties such as language differences can escalate to the breakdown in communication. Communication breakdown in business can cost business loss and loyalty and inability to complete on-time service.

When outsourcing, you must guarantee the enterprise is compatible to enforce secure
and timely communications in real-time.

Complete openness between both the customer and the company that outsources the mobile app helps to ensure long-term business collaboration. So avoiding this communication discrepancy in the early phase itself is needed to become a success.

Poor Research

Market research is the method that will enhance your knowledge and help you avoid others that do not fit your requirements. If you intend to outsource your project, then thorough research that contributes to the completion of an effective final product is essential.

Spending a little fair bit of time when finding a level-headed outsourcing company for mobile application development can save your time, money, and worries in the future. Your best choice will have market knowledge that is always ready to assist you in your project with the perfect information and expertise.

You are aiming for professionals who will be able to guarantee they can develop and
deliver the mobile app on time to make it stand out from competitors. You may analyze and check the providers’ prior work records and whether their work style reflects your enterprise.

Ignoring Time-Zones Differences

It’s best to look beyond your region while outsourcing your project as you are looking to hire somebody who’s both successful and who suits your budget. 

If the mobile application development team is unavailable during the hours that you are available, and you’ll have to stay all day to get your concerns addressed and your questions answered. These hassles could result in delaying the timelines for your project. To work through these challenges you ought to fix a routine for communication.

Not exhibiting much confidence in the developer

Collective trust is a major factor in having an efficient flow. Once you’ve intelligently hired an outsourcing company for a mobile app, the next move would be to bring them confidence and affirmation and prove them your faith.

Being worried at all stages of development and interjecting their work only reduces the quality of work and the level of confidence between both parties. Granting them the freedom to work would offer them enough freedom to use their expertise to come up with the best ideas. 

Get associated whenever required and allow them to achieve the best outcome of their capabilities.


Outsourcing has certain challenges, but along with that major benefits as well. Above are
some of the pitfalls that are generally made by enterprises while hiring mobile application developers. If you consider all of the points mentioned here into account, you will be steering clear of errors. Don’t fall into the pit of cheaper rates and fast deliveries.

If you want to embark out on your outsourcing journey, Norgic is here to help you with it. We will develop a fully-functional cross-platform, terrific mobile app for you to avoid the stress of driving the projected growth.

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