7 Significant Benefits of Hiring Remote Development Team

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There has been a debate for years whether an in-house development team is better compared to a remote development team. Regardless of the outcome of such debates, the benefits of hiring remote developers can never be neglected. When looking for completing a specific job that requires more expertise, and in house developer’s team might not be the best choice always. You can come up with the option of hiring expert developers from across the world.

A dedicated remote development team can serve as the best solution for your company’s needs based on the fact that they may have more experience than an in house team who rarely gets a chance on experiencing the outer world’s development scenarios to gain more experience.

To best explain why a dedicated remote developers team is the best choice for your company, below we are entailing some significant benefits that can be availed by business owners.

1- A Large Pool of Skilled Employees:

Whenever expert advice is required a company might go to its already employed expert people, but the availability of such an expert might be low in some local companies with development needs. In case of having limited availability, a company can always opt for looking for a developer’s team from across the world. 

These internationally hired experts may have more experience on their hands and their interaction with your employees could enrich your employees’ knowledge with a deeper understanding of the new technology-related experience that they could learn from outsourced remote engineering teams.

2- Travel Time Management:

Whilst a company’s regular employee may need to use transport to reach the company daily, a remote developer employee has no need to travel with the opportunity to provide their expertise virtually. This will provide an added benefit to the company on saving the travel time and focus on using that time for tracking their project progress and for providing their feedback whenever necessary.

Regardless of this very benefit, you might still get to hear from someone that thinks to hire remote developers in Stockholm might not always be fruitful. But on the other hand, it will be better to change this statement and rather say that “One should be careful whilst hiring remote employees”, You just need to have the right set of management skills to effectively manage remote employees. 

According to a global survey, it was acknowledged that remote employees do best when they are operating remotely.

3- Reducing Costs:

For hiring an in house dedicated remote development team, a company might have to incur hundreds of dollars to set up a good IT-based office infrastructure. 

When a company hires a remote team for a software development project, it doesn’t have to bear the cost of office infrastructure. The cost of hiring and training is also saved as well as the technology cost that will add up to the overall costs. However, when the same company will hire a remote software developers team, it will not just save the infrastructure cost, but it will also save the money it has to spend on the commute, daily meals, working space, etc.

4- Accessibility to Broader Areas for Hiring

It is clear that when hiring employees who will be working at company premises, owners might have to restrict hiring employees from the same city or region where the business is located, which limits owners to have access to a large pool of employees that could be more experienced and eligible for the job.

And not just that, there will be added benefits of hiring employees from different regions of the world. The most notable is having access to employees that are more trained and experienced. Having a versatile team lets you have a grasp on international solutions to the problems you might be facing for a long time. Apart from that, it can save the amount that we already mentioned above such as arranging a commute, workspace and daily meals, etc. for regular in house employees.

5- Increased Efficiency:

Whilst we know everyone can be effective and do the right thing but it is highly unlikely for everyone to be efficient i.e. doing the things right.

A survey was done by Forbes, which stated that almost 91 percent of developers feel that they can outperform when they are working remotely and not like an employee who is working 9 to 5 daily. Whilst there were only 9 percent of a dedicated remote development team that felt that they could work better in an office environment, the other 91 percent found themselves giving their best at times when they found feasible and easy to work.

So it could be stated that for people who are early risers or for those who prefer working during night shifts, a company could use their expertise at the remote times they prefer which will not only increase the productivity of these employees but also of the company eventually

6- Strong Association:

This might not serve as a very well made point initially, but it has been researched that concluded the aspect that remote employees feel more connected or associated with the management and co-workers they are working with.

These people were found to have strong feelings of being connected to their managers or co-workers when they were interacting with them via video conferencing or during the retreat.

7- This May Be the Future Soon:

The concept of working from home was not a hot topic of interest before based on views of managers who felt they might have less control over their employees. But the paradigm has been taking a shift from a long time now.

Whilst there were only 19 percent of people who were working from home back in 2003, by the year 2015 this figure changed to 23 percent of people who adopted home-based work. And now that the global environment is changing along with the way businesses are practicing, we will see a huge shift in numbers of employees who will be working remotely.

Because many businesses have adopted the remote working culture and many more are yet to start implementing the remote working culture in their business.

To Conclude:

We can say that hiring a workforce that could work remotely might not be an ideal solution for every company out there, but many companies can definitely take more advantage from this opportunity.

At Norgic, we believe that every company could benefit by extending a dedicated remote software development team in Stockholm remotely, and to help with that we do provide an opportunity for trying scaling remotely with our No-Risk trial of two weeks. Visit our Services page for more information and do ask for a free demo if you want to give it a try.

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