A Guide on How to Hire a Remote Software Development Team

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With the evolution of the world becoming a global village and with the help of the advancement of communication tools, it has become an important task to hire remote developers. Rather than focusing on the typical approach of the recruitment process for selecting an in house team, it has become easier to reach out to a vast variety of talent from across the world. After having the added benefits of having the ability to hire a remote software development team, there have also been many complications that make the hiring process difficult to work best regarding the business’s interest.

Let’s assume that you have to hire a remote software development team. You will need to follow a smooth procedure for online recruitment in order to hire the best remote software developer or to hire a remote software developers team.

Having experience in this field and being closely related to this very topic, we have dedicated this article to guide you on how to hire remote developers. By the end of the article, you will have more of an idea on how to hire a dedicated remote team and which channels and steps you can follow to make the best possible decision for your business


Before starting the whole procedure with separate knowledge on each step to be followed, you must know the following. Hiring a dedicated remote team can be a time-consuming task and a for some energy draining. This is usually due to the fact that there are many people out there applying for jobs that require hiring remote developers or remote software developers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these people might be a perfect fit for the job. They could be the ones who are faking it, they will make past the recruitment stage but turn out to be a wrong choice after some time. Therefore, you will really need to have the best possible knowledge and skills to walk through this process if you want to hire remote developers.

Signs showing the need to hire a remote development team:

Before moving to the initiative of hiring remote developers, you need to look out for signs that clearly state the need to hire remote developers. These signs could include:

  • Wanting to achieve a milestone in your business market that you may be unable to achieve with your current in house team.
  • Having or feeling a lack in your current team of developers.
  • Feeling the need for the expertise of best developers out there but the idea of hiring an in house team of developers could hit your business with huge costs.
  • Having a feeling that hiring a remote software development team will not only expand your reach in the market, but it could also provide you with constant development chances.

Design a Proper Job Description:

Now that you are sure you need to hire remote developers, you will be required to produce a job description. For this purpose, you will need to entail every small detail in your job description. Make sure to clearly mention your expectations along with the goals or milestones that you need to be achieved. 

You might also want to give the hints of your company’s culture within the job posting as it is evident when an employee can relate to your organizational culture, he /she can give more than what is required from them.

Whilst creating your job instructions, you will also need to devise a market competitive salary package to be included in your package. But also keep one very important point in mind, that you cannot attract employees based on your salary alone. Those who might join you for a high salary might leave you for another opportunity that pays better.

Therefore you need to provide a job that ensures the employee that they will not only get paid at the comfort level of working from their homes. But you are also a company that provides an environment and culture that can retain the hired remote developers for long term with the company. 

Choose a Platform to Post Your Job:

Once you have created a job description to hire remote developers, the next step is to find a medium to post your job. Finding the best place to post your job is a really important part of these steps. This will make sure that you get to choose the employees that suit you the best. You may go for online freelancing mediums/websites that are readily available to hire a remote software development team. 

Choosing a proper board/client to help you to hire remote developers will be the option that we will recommend to you the most.

This way you will know the process is going through a channel that has proper access to a pool of qualified and skilled developers that you can trust which will eradicate the chances of getting fraudulent or inexperienced developers. When it’s your first time choosing remote developers, you might need to make a choice that can reduce the risks of wasting your time, money, and efforts at the wrong place and on the wrong people.

Applications Screening Process:

Once you have chosen the right board and posted the job you will start receiving applications from people across the globe. Now that you have finally come to this step, you can start screening the employees. 

  • You can go through the applications and choose the ones you think fit your needs. 
  • You can write back to the chosen applicants by asking them for more screening questions and providing more information on your company.
  • You could also provide a small task to them and provide some time to see if they can properly fit your criteria of a dedicated remote development team or dedicated remote software team.

Start Hiring:

Once the screening process is complete, you can finally start to hire remote developers. 

  • The board/medium that you have chosen to hire dedicated remote developers will be very significant in this step. They could help you in getting the best available person to do your job.
  • You must consider one thing for sure which is that you can’t solely depend on the qualification of developers. You will need to analyze their communication skills plus their ability to work as a team.
  • You need to mention your short term and long term goals with the employees you are wishing to hire. This will make sure they know what they need to do.

To hire a remote software development team; the actual hiring process includes these steps:

  • Once you have shortlisted two or three candidates you can start your interview process.
  • You can opt for one or two interviews on video or mixed approach of video and audio calls.
  • You can also take an online test from candidates to make sure they know the required programming or software skills.
  • Live screening could prove to be a very valid and productive step in hiring. You along with experts of your selected board/ medium can live screen the applicants and interview them to select the best amongst the shortlisted candidates.
  • After carrying out all the steps mentioned above, you can be assured that you will be able to hire remote developers as per your goals and needs. You will be able to choose the dedicated team that will be hired to serve you the best.

We have tried our best to guide you through the process that will help you to hire remote developers. We have chosen the five best steps to keep it easy and understandable.

There is one other important thing to mention whilst concluding this topic. Once you are done hiring a remote team, it is not going to stop your task there. Managing a remote team after you are done hiring them will be the next major thing you need to focus on. You will need to maintain decorum to have proper communication, sharing of documents, time management, and track keeping on a daily basis to keep your remote employees connected to you and your project better.


To conclude this, we would like to say that in order to successfully hire remote developers you will need to be sure of your own project goals and job requirements. Once you choose the best board/medium to post your job at there is nothing that could stop you from having the best dedicated developments team either if it’s a remote software development, team remote marketing team or remote software development team.

At Norgic we are here to help you find the best remote software development team. Contact us for more information.

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