Five Tips To Manage Your Offshore Software Development Team

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Hiring an offshore development team is as much a challenge as it is a reward. There is a lot to be considered and calculated to ensure that your offshore dedicated team is being as efficient as you want them to be.

From the difference in time zones to work ethic. There probably are a lot of thoughts you would like answers to and that’s what we’re here for.

Answer the following questions:

  • Are you looking for offshore dedicated teams for some assistance?
  • Have you just been accosted with a project too large for your in-house team?
  • Are you planning to change your business model to accommodate remote dedicated teams instead of bearing the substantial costs of employing experts?

If you feel like you resonate with any of these questions, then this article is exactly what you need. Here is your 101 on ‘Efficient Management for offshore dedicated teams.

From the significance of transparent communication, to the benefits of hiring dedicated remote teams.

Click on any of the topics you wish to jump straight into or continue reading as you wish;

  1. Communicate like an in-house team
  2. Share the complete picture for better efficiency
  3. Understand the vision of the offshore team
  4. Facilitate the team with time and training
  5. Curate a remote team with similar practices

Communicate like an in-house team

Communication is the key to success in any organization. However, when it comes to offshore software development it is of the utmost importance regarding clear and comprehensible communication.

When communicating with an offshore team, you must treat them with similar patience and encouragement as you speak to your in-house team. Let them know that you respect their efforts. Let them see that you genuinely appreciate their work and consider them as a part of their immediate group.

This sense of bonding and integration helps offshore dedicated teams to engage better with their employers. Hence boosting the overall productivity of the offshore wing.

Many European nations do not have English as their first language, but that does not mean that you cannot hire translators to improve communication.

It is important to remember that cultural and ethnic differences due to the geographical distance must be accommodated before any judgments or harsh calls are made. When you are a team, regardless of being offshore, you are all in this together.

The fact is that you might feel the need to continually stay in touch with the segment of your team operating from afar, but do you think micromanagement could reap any benefits?

Share the complete picture for better efficiency

Whether you decide to hire a dedicated remote software development team in Stockholm or Swaziland, when you add new members to the mix, then sharing the complete picture is necessary. The offshore dedicated teams must be taken in confidence, and they should be informed of the goals and key performance indicators beforehand.

This knowledge is critical to not only the developers individual performances but can also help the company save time.

Just imagine:

  • You are operating from a location in Northern Island, Canada, or perhaps Australia, but you have a remote offshore developing team from Stockholm.
  • You are in the middle of a critical development phase when things spin out of hand, and you lose all channels of communication with them due to a personal emergency.
  • What would you expect your offshore team to do in your absence?
  • Would you like them to keep sitting and twiddling their thumbs?
  • Or would you rather, they work on other elements of the project that does not require any monitoring from you?
  • Is that possible without them knowing about the complete timeline of the project? 

This is why sharing the complete information, and the nitty-gritty details of the project are necessary to the nth degree. Time is an asset, too precious to be wasted on miscommunication. Offshore dedicated teams understand this.

Understand the vision of the offshore team

As we mentioned before, the cultural differences in remote teams is a real phenomenon that tends to impact the performance of the organization. From language barriers to the different paradigms of thought held by both parties, such differences could lead to nothing but a nuisance for the company.

In order to avoid any unnecessary commotion during the development process, it is necessary to understand the opinions and work ethic of your choice of dedicated offshore teams.

The utopian circumstances would imply that you find a remote engineering team
that understands your perspective and has a go-to attitude towards challenges. But if you are starting with someone new and are not entirely sure about their characteristics.

It is critical to hold discussions that help you reassess their perspective.

Facilitate the team with time and training

A common difference observed by companies seeking outsourced development teams is the lack of uniformity in practice. Your company could be utilizing a completely different set of tools and routines, as opposed to the remote dedicated team you have just hired.

If you want to maintain the overall efficiency of your company, then it is necessary for you to help the new members learn the ideology and practices of your business. You must give the team enough time to train so that they develop a dedication towards you.

Curate a remote team with similar practices

If you are looking for offshore dedicated teams, then you must understand that it is better to find someone that is already trained to perform to your standards.

While there is no harm in finding a new team and training them according to your company standards and procedures, it is ideal for saving time and energy to start with a team that is already seasoned to handle the tasks you entrust them with.

Hire remote developers in Stockholm from none other than Norgic AB. A company that not just claims excellence but also delivers it with utter accuracy. We offer dedicated offshore development to assist companies with multiple projects at once.

Our team of professionals has learned from the best of the best, and are already prepared to become a critical addition to your arsenal.

Key Takeaways

The one key lesson that we gave tried to transmit today is that offshore dedicated teams can add untapped value to your business, despite the challenges they are often enshrouded in.

Under all circumstances, your responsibility is to ensure that the offshore team does not feel restricted or repressed due to the difference in cultures and geographical distance. When the foreign teams are aware of the fact that there are no biases, limiting their liberty, then they perform better than your expectations.  If you are looking for the perfect remote dedicated team, then hop on to Norgic AB right away!

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