How is the corona virus impacting the software industry?

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The devastating effects of COVID-19 have spared no business, industry or economy. Coronavirus has taken the entire world to a halt. 

People’s business and lifestyles were significantly affected by the life-threatening impact of the coronavirus. Some of the IT and Tech giants are willing to give the main concern to human health and also have introduced significant changes in the working styles of the employees.

Companies that do not have an established remote workforce policy have suffered the most. Most companies face closure, with social distancing being the requisite enemy.

One of the major businesses that got affected because of Covid-19 is the software development industry.

Coronavirus impact on software development companies

Remote Work environment

There are a few factors that will inevitably affect the performance. A person who works from home will experience more interruptions than when he/she works from an office.

Software outsourcing companies are thoroughly ready for all sorts of disturbances and they’d have no trouble moving people around.

Cancellation of meetings

The very first thing that triggers this is a travel constraint. Many businesses outsource their software development and travel frequently to a face-to-face conference for the service

However, the meetings can be scheduled via Zoom but is still not an appropriate substitute for the face to face meeting where important decisions need to be taken.

Difficulty in import

Another aspect that inevitably affects the Software Development Industries is the import of several essential components of the system from different countries in the world. 

Software Development Companies would be unwittingly impacted because of the shutdown and stoppage of shipment from the whole world, as well as a shortage of money is common under these circumstances.

Software development companies therefore need to look for alternative options in the midst of this situation because the condition can be exacerbated due to coronavirus.

Work from Home

The IT industry has suffered tremendously, due to the great intensity of this disease outbreak. By implementing all sorts of precautionary steps, the transmission
of the virus has also been stifled by prohibiting handshaking and maintaining a
minimum gap between humans of 3 to 6 feet.

To maintain social distancing, it is recommended to give your employees the freedom to work from home. Many IT firms now allow their staff to work from home and that is the
best decision so far to cope with this virus.

Communication with Employees

Effective communication is a key factor to run a business optimally. You have to be informed about what’s going on as well as what the business is doing to be kept running

Conduct initiatives to raise public awareness of viruses, convey modifications in company policies and promote input to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Outsourcing IT services

The number of businesses would also want to employ offshore IT services to venture out after coronavirus. This will accelerate up this process of the software development
process that may suffer due to the unavailability of the present employees.

How Norgic is handling Coronavirus

Norgic is taking every precaution to protect its staff from the Coronavirus. That involved in
implementing the needed safety precautions for hygiene and remote work.

We are completely committed to meeting all of our customer commitments, we’re working incredibly hard to minimize the Coronavirus impact and providing all custom software development services with maximum quality to all our customers.


Coronavirus is a severe form epidemic that must be treated with utmost caution and guidance as stated by WHO. Even so, it also is essential for us all to individually take
significant safety precautions to feel vigilant from this pandemic.

Coronavirus has therefore provided and has been giving a huge demand to the Software Development Companies because more and more businesses leverage the online plan to showcase themselves. It is worth remembering that adapting and being conscientious is the
only choice for any industry in these situations. 

It is necessary for all of us to reside in the same position. Confronted with these circumstances, Software Development Companies ought to quickly assess new possibilities.

Coronavirus has therefore been giving a huge demand to the Software Development companies because more and more businesses leverage online plans to showcase

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