How much does it cost to develop a custom mobile app in 2020

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Modern-day has increased the use of mobile applications for several purposes. As it helps the user to easily use the product, it also helps businesses to create an impactful brand in the market. This article discusses custom mobile application development when it comes to the cost of development. For getting any mobile application, custom software Development Company can be contacted to get a quote and start working on your app.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the estimation of the cost of mobile software development that can help you develop your mobile app. We will discuss the features one by one according to the time taken to develop them in your mobile application.

User Login

The convenient way to access the application is to create a user profile and collect the data through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is the first step of custom mobile application development taken by any developer. The number of hours taken to complete this process is:

  • 4 plus hours for UI UX Design
  • 8 plus hours for developing the app backend
  • 8 plus hours to integrate the features for each platform
  • (android or iOS)

Push Notification

The real-time updates for the users are displayed by push notifications. They are a crucial part of mobile software development because they show order status, new messages, etc. Firebase cloud messaging and Apple push notification services are used in android and iOS app development respectively. It will take around 24 hours to integrate push notifications in iOS as well as the android app development domain.

Navigation Bar

It defines how the user moves from one screen to the other. Swiping and scrolling features must be placed in the UI Design of the mobile application. Any custom software development company will surely focus on navigation because it shows how the individual uses the mobile app. The time taken will be:

  • 24 plus hours for the backend development
  • 16 plus hours for the Android and iOS development

Media Content Sharing

Users should be allowed in custom mobile application development to share images, videos and other files. The time taken for this process is:

  • 8 plus hours for designing
  • 16 plus hours for front end development
  • 40 hours for backend development
  • 40 plus hours to develop on each mobile platform


Travel apps, ride-hailing service providing applications, food deliver mobile application and many others require Google maps API integration for maps. The time taken for this is:

  • Around 8 hours for design
  • 8 plus hours for backend
  • 8 plus hours for iOS and android

In-app messaging

To inculcate a feature of in-app messaging, you integrate Facebook API and Telegram API to make this feature available. Mobile software development for the real estate industry, hotel industry, social media apps and others require an in-app messaging feature. It takes 40 plus hours for backend and 20 plus hours for developing in Android or iOS platforms.


For custom mobile application development of an e-commerce store, you need database integration of all the items available at the store. Data synchronization and offline app user experience is enhanced by database integration. It takes 10 plus hours for backend and 8 plus hours for Android or iOS platforms.

Costing of a custom mobile application

The development of mobile application costs from $20 to $30,000 for a simple application. Now, we will look into the distribution of mobile applications based on complexity and the costing that is done on its basis.


The simple app has the following:

  • API integration is not there
  • Back end development is not present
  • Basic UI components are used
  • Simple features like email login


It consists of:

  • Custom UI UX design
  • API integration
  • Built-in payment method
  • Back end server


It consists of:

Multi-language support
Third-party integration
Complicated back end
Custom UI UX design
Database integration

For custom mobile application development, the rate differs around the world. North America (the US and Canada) is costly than others. From $20 to $250 per hour is charged by the custom mobile application development company present there. Australian mobile app developers charge $35 to 150. Swedish mobile app developers, based in Stockholm charge $20 to $110 per hour. The rate of freelancers is comparatively lesser than the companies.

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