How much will it cost to develop an app Like Zoom

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Ever since the pandemic outbreaks, video conferencing mobile applications are trending than ever before. Due to the pandemic followed by a lockdown in many parts of the world, people are depending on video conferencing software and applications to get in touch with each other.

In these life-threatening circumstances, many businesses have been compelled to change their operations by having their workers function from home, minimizing their risk of being ill at work. That’s where a remote and stable communication video-conferencing application comes into play.

Significance of video conferencing application

It is believed that the market of video conferencing applications will reach billions shortly. Many Entrepreneurs and business owners are seeing this as an opportunity to venture into the market. Cloud meeting apps like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet are video conferencing platforms whose demands are rising during these times.

Zoom is certainly today’s fastest-growing video-conferencing application. In a short time, it has reached over 2.5 million consumers. That makes it an ideal opportunity for startup founders to develop an app like Zoom and create their business. Any Entrepreneur planning to start up a conference app should fully understand what to learn from a successful video-conference application. 

Let’s drive together on the road to from here or simply jump to the topic of your need.

  • What Zoom Application is?
  • Primary features of Video Conferencing Application such as Zoom
  • What does it take to create an APP like zoom?
  • Development Cost of an App Like Zoom?
  • Factors Affecting the Development Cost of Apps Such as Zoom
  • Why Norgic for Developing a Video Conferencing App?

What Zoom application is?

It is a video conferencing platform like Skype owned by a US-based communication company founded by Eric Yuan. It is a cloud meeting app and is compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Corporates who want to conduct meetings remotely with their employee or other professionals are the main consumer of this conferencing tool. The Zoom mobile applications have received tremendous popularity in the center of this coronavirus epidemic and have helped its management generate potential profits.

Operating the Zoom video call mobile app is really quick and easy. Like any other video call solution, users need to install a mobile app on their smartphones. They can quickly send a link to anyone who has this seamless solution. Zoom has all the basic features that a company requires to hold a meeting. The zoom cloud meeting software has enabled cloud meetings.

The amount of participants that can be connected to a single video chat is one of the main features that has increased the demand for the Zoom meeting application.

A cloud meeting with about 25 people may be conducted for about 40 minutes free. Certain
subscription plans exist for unlimited access.

Primary features of video conferencing app such as Zoom

While designing such applications, the simple accessibility of its features should be kept in mind. Zoom application involves the use of simple procedures for conducting online meetings. To meet the requirement of the user, a cloud meeting app must have a lot of features. Like user registration, user profile, virtual background, calendar, screen share, waiting room, unique ID generation and beautification. You need to apply to one of the paying plans available to access further functionalities.

Their prices begin on a host of only $14.99 a month. The host has to pay a monthly subscription meaning more hosts and more revenue for the company. This helps us realize how much it will cost to develop a video conferencing app like zoom. But before determining the fixed cost there are other factors on which the cost depends on.

What it takes to create an app like zoom:

There are different stages in app development and custom video conferencing app development. Cost depends on things like business analysis, project management, app development, back-end development and marketing. Whether your project is small or big, you need to include these stages to make a successful application:

Business Analysis:

You analyze the various requirements for the development of the app in this stage and perform a business analysis to identify consumer demands.

Designing UI/UX: 

The next key stage of application development is designing the app’s UI / UX. The design of the app should be simple and UX must be convenient. The UI must be visually stunning so that users become more interested in your application. 

Front-end development: 

This is the costliest stage in application development. This involves integrating the features and functionalities of the app.

Back-end development: 

This stage involves the management of servers and databases. To create a video application like Zoom you need to have your server whether your backend is in the cloud or on-site. To provide security to users you can encrypt your servers and databases securely. 

App testing: 

Application testing is necessary to put a fault-free device in the market. App testing is usually carried out frequently in the various stages of development.

The duration of the app tends to vary with the business owner. The app can approximately be developed in 2000 hours if we consider the stages listed above.

How much does it cost to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom?

The cost varies based on the hourly rate of your development team, features, and integration as we already discussed. The major factor affecting the cost of an app is the hourly rate among developers that is often dependent on the location.

To be realistic, the exact cost of developing an app like Zoom or any app, in general, cannot be determined. It varies for example in Western Europe like Sweden, the average rate is $35/hour. Developing your cloud meeting app with a Western Europe based organization is cost-effective and will provide you with the top talent.

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Factors affecting the development cost

When considering video conferencing app development cost, the prime factor is the platform for which the mobile applications are built for.

Most of the platforms are developed for iOS and Android. The other factors that determine the app development cost are the application size, app features, and security. Moreover, the real expense is to manage and operate the service and hosting it.

The most critical aspect of custom video conferencing app development is its cost before you launch an application. It is very important to select the best technology stack
and to hire the right development team to make your application successful or
it might have ended up in app stores unfounded.

Why Norgic for developing a video conferencing app?

At Norgic we deal in all sorts of custom mobile application development. The organization is committed to providing its customers with the finest possible service. We have skilled developers who know the right methods of developing cloud-based video conferencing apps like Zoom.

These platforms are constructed and fitted with cutting-edge technology and we are well trained with them and have shown skills by developing an application Togee that has features of mobile screen sharing just like Zoom.

We focus on our expertise and make greater use of the capabilities to drive excellence. For day to day business communication, people are relying on video conferencing apps. The fact that the start of 2020 has shown us that people can stay connected and work from home by using video chat applications among them the best video conferencing apps of 2020 are Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, FaceTime, and Hangouts.

The development of such an application is a promising route for a business to excel.

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