How to build and lead high-performance agile teams?

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Software development agile methodology is based on iterative development where the tasks are divided into smaller chunks of work. Furthermore, requirements and solutions are discussed between the cross-functional teams with collaboration. The latest methodology of Agile divides the project members into separate teams that work together for the completion of the project. 

The ultimate goal of agile development is the fast delivery of work with great quality. This methodology has an aptitude to respond quickly to the change because the agile teams encourage face-to-face collaboration and interactions. It is an easier way to communicate with the members of the team to develop workable solutions. Clear objectives and separation of tasks make agile development a successful model for teams to collaborate with each other.

There are certain fundamental aspects which help you to make a team of top software developers using an agile methodology. The teams are built to smoothly perform the tasks that appear cumbersome in the beginning but when the agile methodology is implemented properly, it becomes easy to manage the teams. For agile team building, we need to analyze certain fundamentals that will help us to build high-performing software development teams for managing the work easily.

We will now closely look into the details on how agile team building is done by discussing the agile characteristics one by one.

Keeping the size of the team small

If the teams are smaller, we are talking about five to eight members in a team. Creating agile teams that are smaller can help the team members to easily communicate and collaborate with each other. Larger teams result in a greater mess at times which can result in poor management and unexpected results. The agile team structure provides a streamlined collaboration and increased output that help to manage the project easily.

Cross-functional teams are preferred

Software development agile creates such individuals that are highly skilled in their work. The skillful software developers should be the part of your team, also the UX designers must be top-notch and the quality assurance people must be experienced enough to maintain the quality of the product. Moreover, the teams should come in each other’s role when required, meaning thereby the developers should be able to test the product themselves in the absence of testers.

Sense of togetherness

You need to keep your teams together all the time. When we talk about agile team management, they are not people who have to see the negative effects of the organization. High-performing software development teams need to be motivated and work with a positive mindset. Cohesive teams can deliver more than those who have a negative feeling towards anyone. Therefore, the agile development team needs to be together and should possess a unified outlook.

Ownership and accountability of work

If the leadership is strong and inspiring, it creates a sense of ownership and accountability among the team members. It helps them to get autonomous in their decisions without any hindrances from the organizational procedures. Freedom of making a decision when you are a part of the agile team structure keeps you away from hasty decisions that are considered immature. Highly performing teams take complete responsibility for whatever they do. They own the success or the failure they face, the success of the organization is their success, and failure is their failure too.

Passionate team members

passionate agile team members

The people who are passionate about their work are loved by any organization. The energy that drives them to do tedious tasks swiftly is coming from the passion they have inside themselves. Passionate workers make a difference when it comes to the output of any project. Agile team building requires passionate workers that love what they are doing. They are the ones who achieve excellence in their work and they do not make excuses when the circumstances are tough. They possess the virtue of endurance that makes them pass through all the hurdles in their way.

Inspiring leadership matters

A true leader is the one who is ready to take any risk and he is the one who takes full responsibility for everything. When you are creating agile teams, you need to consider that a leader can make them achieve the desired result. Communicating with team members is the actual strength of any leader. High-performing software development teams need to have a strong leader that can make the project succeed. The leader that has ambitious goals can perfectly work in the agile team management domain, providing the opportunity of growth to other team members. It motivates the individuals and they put extra effort into achieving the desired results. A leader that supports the members of its team is able to communicate the goals of the organization to the team members.

Concluding Remarks

The software development teams must possess visionary leadership that motivates individuals to work hard in order to achieve the goals set by the organization. The software engineers in a development team can only work effectively if the mindset of the team is positive and they are passionate enough to complete the tasks assigned to them. Software development agile methodology helps the teams to collaborate and communicate effectively with a feeling of mutual trust and a sense of ownership. Norgic possesses all the agile team characteristics that are discussed in this post that can help you develop quality software applications that are able to create huge impacts on your business.

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