How to minimize the cost of a mobile app development project

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A client approached us a few months ago for a Mobile App Development project. He was hesitant towards approaching a software development agency for mobile applications. He mentioned that he had an active website and had just realized the significance of mobile app development for businesses.

Businesses have been observed to have a desire towards software development to boost profits and engagement with prospective clients. However, the client thought that that the cost of a mobile app development project would be way too expensive.

What is the total cost of mobile app development?

The cost of app development is a hot topic due to high competition in the developers’ circuit. From small start-ups to market giants, every industry has taken initiative to develop an app according to their budget.

Generally, mobile application development can vary from about $100 000 to $500 000 depending on the structure, purpose, and embellishments planned for the project.

How to minimize the cost of mobile app development projects

The intimidating costs of app development mentioned above are enough to deter a new business from developing an app, but is there really no way out of this? Of course not!

A business can easily work to reduce mobile app development costs by implementing a productive strategy. Efficient app development is dependent on four milestones: research, choice, minimalism, and testing.

Don’t limit your planning to discussions


The initial stage of research revolves around exploring the scope of the project. One must continue with the process of development only when the product is deemed necessary.

Extensive research on consumer trends and competition will help the expert team assigned for mobile application development, decide what works best for the client.

The important lesson here is to leave sufficient flexibility in prospects for the developer to bounce back in the case of shocks later in the process.

Make the difficult decisions beforehand


When making decisions regarding the process of app development, there are plenty of questions that can be answered. From deciding the platform for developing the project to the selection of features such as push notifications, custom graphics, and the team of developers fit for the job. Each choice has to be measured in terms of pros and cons.

The financial restrictions can be met easily when a company focuses on the minimal viable
product and produces an app that is focused on functionality rather than over-the-top aesthetics.

More than seventy percent of the android app development cost are spent on customizing the product with unnecessary push notifications and customized elements. Similar trends have been noted with iOS app development as well.

This is where you decide to either hand over the project to an in-house team or outsource it to a company overseas. Outsourced app development has exploded this year due to the immense attention given to remote working opportunities since the pandemic broke out.

Drop the additional features


One of the most least discussed aspects of the mobile application development procedure is the significance of minimalism. From sleek UX designs to subtle creativity in the competitive features, decisions must follow the ideology of emphasizing on the MVP.

The more attention that is given to the purpose of the app, the better the results can be obtained.

Check once, tweak twice


Rigorous testing before the launch of an app can help minimize the costs of app development. Making tweaks and changes in an early stage can help save a major chunk of the budget that could have gone down the drain if the application was executed with existing flaws.

We understand that these four milestones must have raised a few more questions in your mind. Hence which is why we have chosen to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about mobile application development.

Is the development of an app expensive for SMEs?

Small and Medium enterprises often presume that app development is too expensive to begin with while having a limited budget. The truth of the fact is that it is a lot easier to reduce mobile application development costs.

How can you decide between native app development and cross-platform development?

App development is always evolving. The debate about Native App Development and Cross-platform development has been a hot topic over the last few years.

Native App Development implies that an app is specifically designed for a platform such as iOS or Android. A native app for Apple is likely to be developed through Swift and Objective C whereas, Google prefers Java.

A Cross-platform app on the other hand, is developed to cater to both of the leading platforms. Platform independent web technologies such as HTML are used to develop such apps.

The problem here is the divide in consumer preferences between iOS and Android apps. Statistically speaking; the American market may be idealizing iOS, but the European consumers are more comfortable using Android.

Is outsourcing my mobile app development project a good idea?

Outsourcing mobile application development is one of the most convenient methods of cutting extra costs in your app development project. The key here is to find a mobile app development company that specializes in outsourced operations.

It is understandable that time differences and cultural barriers might intervene in the success of the project, but when professionals are hired such issues are directly eliminated through transparent communication.

How long does mobile app development take?

Efficient app development takes roughly around three to six months. Since the procedure of extensive research and rigorous testing is rather tedious, it is evident that a mobile application development team would need their space and time to complete things.

However, if you knock on the door of a well-seasoned team with years of experience such as Norgic AB, we assure you that your project will be delivered earlier than the expected time frame.

Final Thoughts

Mobile application development is not an overpriced project when it is planned strategically. It is necessary for a business to follow the steps that help them cut expenses where it is possible. However, compromising the quality of the project is out of the question here.

Finding the perfect mobile app developing company that understands your vision and comprehends your ideas is the key to success.

Norgic AB houses a team of mobile app development experts with many years of experience in the European market. When you hire us regarding mobile app development services, we ensure your satisfaction through the success of the app.

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