Questions you always wanted to ask about the dedicated team

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Outsourcing has enabled multiple businesses around the world to minimize their searching, recruiting and administrative costs and rapidly rising business industry. Some businesses are using technology outsourcing services to regain technical knowledge while some are recruiting a team of dedicated remote staff to manage their work.

Working with a dedicated group means recruiting the people you want to handle the projects in-house that you likely won’t do. There are many cases where the easiest place to collaborate with such an outsourcing vendor is to hire a team of dedicated members.

What is a Dedicated Team?

These teams are dedicated as they devote all their time and energy solely to the customer as well as the one particular project for which they have been employed.

The outsourcing partner is responsible for the recruitment of new experts as well as the team’s support services. This gives you the power to monitor the process and shift your focus to high ranking activities.

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

The dedicated team model is best suited for middle and long-term projects with varying needs and complexity. A dedicated team efficiently incorporates into the business model before the job is delivered. The customer should handle a committed team in a certain way as they can handle their internal staff unless they have to think regarding recruiting, expenses and administrative services.

When customers agree to work as per the dedicated team model, they have carefully chosen a team of experts as per the needs of a particular venture. This group is a logical extension of your existing teams and the partnership works better if you view and handle everyone as your business’s remote workers.

What is a Dedicated Team Model in Relation to Scope, Cost, and Time?

The dedicated team is by far the most versatile model for needs. Being the customer it is up to you to agree on the proposal’s reach and workflow. Since the committed members of the team are your workers de-facto, you connect with everyone personally and regularly, which makes it much easier and far less difficult to imitate the scope.

Build a charter plan and track progress. It will guarantee that the project is delivered on time. Ensure the objectives are generated in coordination with your offshore dedicated team. When all goes well, then you will extend the deal.

In terms of cost control, the dedicated team model is very straightforward. Customers generally charge weekly, much as they can pay their workers in-house. The total comprises of the dedicated team members’ monthly wages and the seller’s fee.

When the Dedicated Team Model is Good Choice

If you have a huge, long-term project with a variety of functions and an unalterable necessity alongside best quality performance metrics then the best option for you is a dedicated team method. 

Even though you’ve recruited a dedicated partner to work on your idea, you must do sufficient work for them all to hold their workflow productive. Otherwise, you’re going to be paying for the weeks (or months) they ‘re sitting around without any effective assignments to be doing. Having a small, exclusively designed expenditure typically means your cup of tea isn’t a dedicated team model.

When the Dedicated Team Model is Bad Choice?

  • When you do not put trust in the outsourcing vendor.
  • When is budget is limited and the project is small.
  • When the project quality is not a primary priority for the business.
  • When the project scope is already defined.

What are the Pros of the Dedicated Team?

Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-efficiency is among the huge gesture benefits of the dedicated team model. Recruiting a dedicated team is cheaper, instead of recruiting multiple in-house teams.

One complicated part is to find a qualified team. You possess to do an in-depth interview process. This takes a long time and hard work to assemble the group which will match your project in the proper direction.

You can substantially reduce, development, and selection costs when creating an outside team.

Huge Pool of Knowledge

The dedicated team model helps the creator to immerse himself fully in company techniques. Supporting whatever the customer is developing reveals a different outlook on the architectural design, usability, etc., and also the outcome of all members of the team both internally and remotely.

Effective Communication

Daily communication with the clients increases the communication skills of team members. It also reinforces shared trust among customers and teams.

Starting to work with a dedicated staff eliminates several of the management layers — you could even speak to each other straightforwardly   Not only is this an advantage but it is also vital.


Eventually, you could really adapt its length by having a proper team to suit your project requirements. You could even begin by recruiting a dedicated programmer and afterwards, build up a team as your project reaches success. Another positive note about committed teams is that if appropriate you could scale it back too. Your outsourced company will help to guide you in such a manner as to alleviate the problem. 

How to Hire a Dedicated Team?

Now that you really are sure that you would like to employ a dedicated team to develop your plan, the next move is to select one. Google search certainly works well, but this is so easy to be influenced by all the findings. Try to narrow your focus.

You will set up a meeting to analyze your needs and expectations in depth. Afterwards, an Hr team will start looking for applicants that would be a great pairing for the specifications of your plan and the environment of your business.

Closing Remarks

The ability to manage a dedicated team requires competence and devotion. If you are willing to work and bridge physical presence, a new source of strength and performance will be praised while providing an extra layer of business enhancement. 

Since the dedicated team model provides an ideal outcome among versatility and consistency. You will also be given access control to maintain and connect directly to the procedure & resources.

If you really have concerns about software development outsourcing teams, then Norgic would be happy to address them. And if you want to assemble yourself a team, feel free to contact Norgic dedicated team.

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