What you should know before hiring an offshore software development team

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Build your own software development team

Have you ever thought about how all those billion-dollar companies tackled challenges such as a low budget or an undersupply of resources? Or do you have a great startup idea with a limited budget? This is where a software development team can come in handy. 

As offshore software development has become more complex, with an increase in competition operational costs, while talent is getting scarcer by the day. In a time like this, it is necessary to choose wise strategies and to plan your roadmap efficiently.

However, being short of resources and with a limited budget it is beneficial for startups of software development companies to work with offshore engineering teams as it’s easy and cost-efficient. Collaborating with a remote software development team can appear to be more effective compared to in-house talent.

Hiring Offshoring engineering teams have become a famous solution for large and start-up companies; 37% of businesses intend to grow their outsourcing.

What to consider when hiring an offshore software development team

To avail offshore software development services for your startup or corporate is a smart decision but before you proceed let’s discuss some of the challenges that you might face and how you can overcome them.

Time zone differences:

One of the challenges you face when working with an offshore development company is overlapping schedules as your offshore team may be located in a different time zone, so one of the challenges can be syncing with the team. However, it can be beneficial by selecting an offshore development company with a similar timezone to you.

For offshore software development teams that have to work closely with your local team, make sure that there is an overlap of at least two business hours every day to keep the workflow hassle-free. However, modern timezone control software will help you surmount this obstacle, no matter which region you select.

Lack of one on one communication 

In comparison to working with internal workers an offshore team is not on-site so there will be a barrier between in house developers and remote teams. For a team that isn’t in the same workplace, coordination and project management can be critical. Yet this can be managed with communication apps like Skype, Zoom, Slack, etc. These apps make face to face communication easier regardless of the location.

Furthermore, you can hold remote meetings and also track the performance of the remote team through software development and project management tools.

Language barriers:

If you plan to offshore some or all of your engineering teams, then the region you choose might speak a new language. To overcome this barrier, make sure that the offshore software development company you hire is proficient in English and that someone in your office must be proficient in English and their local language too.

Selection of offshore company

Many offshore development companies offer to develop custom software for startups. It can be very confusing when choosing the right vendor to gain offshore software development services. So before you collaborate with any of the offshore software companies, it is essential to talk with some of their past clients. This will help you gain an understanding of the company’s workflow and performance.

You’ll spend more than you expect

It may not be as cost-effective as you think it might be, there are certainly non-monetary costs that add up in the development process. You outsource to cut cost, yet in one way or another you end up paying. Therefore if you want a team to work together, communicate a lot with them to avoid unforeseen circumstances that arise in the project.

Ownership of the project

Make sure you always have complete ownership access to all the products produced at the offshore level at every step. Compile a policy document containing an arrangement on non-disclosure. Make sure that ownership is covered by the agreement. 

Cultural differences

Working with offshore software development teams can be a bit challenging due to cultural differences. The offshore software developers are not necessarily a cultural fit as compared to in-house developers that fit with company corporate culture. We suggest that if possible, you hire offshore developers with a culture closer to you. 

How to work effectively while handling an offshore development team?

It’s best to consider whether a software development company for a startup has the potential to succeed or not now that you have agreed to outsource. Let’s talk about the tips to manage offshore teams effectively.

Convey your views among the team 

When working with offshore software development teams it is necessary to create and convey your vision so that everyone has a clear idea of what you want and what needs to be done. It helps you make rational decisions and gain success throughout the journey.

Handling criteria and milestones

Make sure you clearly express the idea when involving offshore developers to create the product. By clearly defining the project scope to the offshore development company will later result in project success. 

Make a schedule

It can be tricky to work with an offshore development team due to time zone differences and physical distance. You need to set up a regular check-in schedule as this helps you to maintain momentum from the very beginning of the project.

Do not micromanage

You may feel like managing smaller parts of the project, but it will cause much discomfort as particularly experienced developers don’t want to be micromanaged. It is better that it is handled by senior developers as strong leadership will keep the team on the right track.

Why hire an offshore team for a startup with Norgic?

Have an offshore software development partner that you can trust. Norgic is a custom software development company for startups that offer a much wider pool of expert offshore software developers. Norgic develops custom software solutions for startups and ensures that your offshore development efforts are an enormous success.

Bottom line

Outsourcing an engineering team for startup requires effective management. Moreover, you should consider them as your own only they’re working outside the office. Outsourcing with the right development partner allows startups to compete in the market, in a shorter time frame and generate more revenue.

Hiring the offshore team should not only be about saving the cost, but a productive method to ensure the quality of software. It’s easy to integrate with the offshore team if you follow the right steps.

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