Why hire a dedicated software development team? A checklist for IT startups

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When a company decides to bring a dedicated software development team on board, they have nearly a hundred and some more concerns that are needed to be addressed. From the details of the vetting process for candidates, to the methods of avoiding conflicts of interest.  

If your decision about moving forward with a web development project is still under consideration due to your in-house team’s lack of abilities then hiring a dedicated software development team is certainly the best choice for you.

If you are questioning whether a remote software development company is a good idea for your larger projects, we’re here to help. You’ll feel more confident in your decision after reading this article.

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We understand that landing a considerable project is like winning the national lottery for a startup, where there is no room for mistakes nor miscommunication.

If your in-house team is incapable of handling the project handed to them, then the dedicated software development model is a cure for your headache and will fulfill your desired expectations.

Let’s take a closer look at the concept of the dedicated software development model:

What is the dedicated software development model?

In layman’s terms, a dedicated software development model revolves around outsourcing development projects to a team that is entirely dedicated to you and your projects.

The software development services create units that are built according to the client’s specifications and that are custom-made to cater to the needs of a client individually. The client gets a pick-and-choose pass over everything and everyone in the team, from the many developers available.

Why hire a dedicated software development team in the first place?

The shift in societal norms and everyday life has been more or less a result of the evolution of technology. It is the exponential growth of online work platforms and professional development forums that have made outsourcing operations quick, easy and convenient.

As a company dealing with local projects, it is logical that you might feel hesitant towards employing a dedicated software development team for your prestigious projects. You may not have the time or resources to work on your existing team, or perhaps losing a mega project is something you can’t afford to do.

Either way, when you hire a dedicated software development team you open the doors to exponential growth. The fact is that businesses regardless of their size, are switching to mobile apps to improve their conversions and boost engagement on their forums.

The advantages of having a mobile app for businesses is a debate for another article. We’re here to focus on a few key benefits you can enjoy by bringing a dedicated software development team on board.

Cutting costs from recruitment and studio space

When you outsource your projects to a dedicated software development team, you can save your time and efforts on more critical tasks. Looking for individual developers, DevOps, project managers, and other candidates for dedicated development teams can result in conflict.

Hiring different people from different countries or companies could cause a severe clash of opinions and even working practices. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth.

This is why going for a software company known for its dedicated software development services is the best possible solution for you on your way to success.

Since you’re not ‘recruiting’ individuals you cut down your expenses on studio space, fixtures and other utility costs.

24/7 communication for better service

The best reason for hiring a dedicated software development team is its accessibility. Because these teams operate from distant locations, they are very concerned about communication. They are ideally available around the clock to make necessary changes to your project.

The dedicated software development model seems to be designed for projects that require frivolous changes throughout the development process.

From a behavioral point of view, it is easy to assume that developers would like to get rid of any project that is too troublesome or requires too many changes after every few days. But when it comes to dedicated software development, the team knows what they have signed up for.

They don’t let you feel guilty about the changes you request, nor do they complain about your genuine concerns about the project’s success.

Best practices for staff management

Since the client determines what is to be done with the project, they have the choice to decide and define terms that are better suited to the project. The efficiency of the team, their knowledge, and experience is an added benefit. Dedicated software development is ideal for companies that are just starting out with an expansion strategy. 

For startups, saving funds by cutting a few extra corners is the only way of surviving in the long run. So when you come across the thought of hiring a dedicated software development team, it is only natural for you to hesitate from making this decision due to the sheer amount of expenses that come hand in hand. But the truth is, hiring a dedicated software development team would allow you to gain more benefits in the long run as opposed to a small in-house team with a limited skillset.

Ethical Concerns pertaining to the employment of dedicated software development teams

Before you finalize the decision to hire a dedicated software development team, it is necessary to think about the following ethical concerns:

  • Are you planning for a long-term collaboration for your future projects?
  • Does your project require multiple changes at smaller intervals of time?
  • Do you believe that you might need to expand your team further during the course of the project?
  • Is there difficulty in gathering resources for training your own staff?
  • Are you looking for a pocket-friendly option?

Once you have the answers to all of these questions, you can continue to the next step.

Hiring a dedicated software development team

When you are planning on hiring dedicated remote staff, then these tips can be helpful when moving forward.

Look for experienced companies with a good repertoire of outsourcing services.

This helps to reduce the risks associated with dedicated software development. When you hire a company that is well known in the field, you can rest assured that the best quality of services will be delivered at all costs. 

Norgic AB is your savior for all possible concerns and challenges when it comes to making the decision on hiring a dedicated software development team. We are a company that enjoys a top-notch position among European outsourcing companies.

Have comprehensive discussions about the progression of the project.

Let the company know about the project. Speak to them about their practices at length and make sure that you have addressed all the key points and queries you might have.

Build a team from the company’s resources

Once you are sure of your decision, then it’s time to review the resources a company has. You can either pick and choose your team yourself or fully trust the company offering the service.

Keep track of transparent communication.

Maintain transparent communication, and you are all good to go.

Key Takeaways

Dedicated software development teams are an advantage to all startups that have just started out with more significant projects. Not only can they be brilliant, but are also extremely accommodating.

Their flexible working hours and determination to lead you to success is exactly what you need to succeed.

If you are ready to gain a great success story with a software development team, then speak to us today!

Norgic AB is just an interaction away!

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